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Integration of a Student with Asperger Syndrome in a Methodology Based on Learning Styles

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Margarita Díaz-Roca, Francisco J. Gil-Cordeiro y María Dolores Afonso-Suárez

EDULEARN16 Proceedings (EDULEARN2016)


The aim of this paper is to describe the integration process of a student with Asperger syndrome in a collaborative work methodology, with teams of different learning styles. This methodology has been used for six academic courses in the subject of Programming Languages III from the Degree in Computer Science Engineering. The learning styles model used is the PCL (Preferential Complementary Learning), in which the style of each student is identified using a test. Since two years now this test is being complemented by an analysis of a personal written text. In this article, both: this student’s written text and the analysis made are shown concluding that his style is field-oriented. The special criteria taken into consideration for the composition of his team are also presented. Moreover, the experience of integrating a student with these features on a team, when using PCL methodology has been evaluated. And the personal testimony of this student about his experience in teamwork is incorporated. Finally, we conclude with the adequacy of the measures taken to the student's needs arising from his particular situation.

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La sociedad experimenta en los últimos años una rápida transformación, auspiciada por las nuevas tecnologías de la información y la comunicación, que afecta de manera profunda a la forma en la que los jóvenes que ingresan en la Universidad se comunican, aprenden e interaccionan con el mundo. La Universidad debe adaptarse a esta nueva situación, y es en este contexto donde el grupo TILDE asume el objetivo de plantear, desarrollar, adaptar, aplicar y evaluar elementos tecnológicos, materiales docentes y metodologías innovadoras con el fin de contribuir al desarrollo educativo en el ámbito de las titulaciones relacionadas con las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación y, particularmente, en las materias vinculadas con el desarrollo de software.




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